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Pet Portrait Photo Reference Guide 

Please submit clear images of the animal's head/body, ideally taken in natural sunlight - this can be done inside near a window or outside in a shaded area. Please ensure that you are satisfied with the image as this will dictate what the end result will look like. Send me as many pictures as you like and I will advise you which ones are most suitable for your personalized pet portrait. I understand sometimes photos are limited due to various factors so I can try to work from lesser quality pictures where possible.

Photo tips:

  • Avoid direct sunlight - natural daylight is always best.

  • Take the photo at eye level (get down to their level, kneel etc)

  • Eyes are a very important part of the portrait and help to show the pets' true personality. Please ensure they are open and catching the light.

  • Please send your photographs in their original format, for example not cropped or edited, as this can decrease the size and resolution/quality of the image. 

  • Try to get a high-quality photo, this will enable me to really capture every fine detail that makes your pet who they are! I am unable to work from blurry/low-quality photographs.

Example Of Good Pet Reference Photos

Example Of Bad Pet Reference Photos

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